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What a great weekend! I took off on Wednesday night for Danbury, WI and worked Thursday morn, before my computer crashed, from our “campsite” near Love Lake:


Here’s what our day looked like on Thursday:
  • Breakfast / work on computer
  • Late lunch in town / time with my wife J and two kiddos
  • Early campfire / s’mores, music and dancing
  • Watched part of Top Gun with our son for the first time (with one finger on the mute button)


  • Breakfast / computer had crashed so I switched to working on paper
  • Lunch at Adventurers in Siren, WI (the owner is from Eagan, MN) and mini-golf next door by the only theater in town
  • Boat-ride around the Minerva chain of lakes (our son drove a little which made him feel awesome)


  • Kids ate dinner / J and I had dinner at the little local Casino in town / listened to live music
  • Finished the rest of Top Gun with our son (again, with one finger on the mute button – good thing I have most of the movie lines memorized in this movie)


  • Breakfast / computer had crashed and no luck booting it back up – freedom!
  • Lunch at home
  • Lots of reading and indoor time (gloomy day outside) / hind and seek and tic tac toe with my daughter


  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant with live music in Siren



  • Breakfast / cleanup, pack and head home for a showing in New Prague, MN

Today’s post is on the lighter side of real estate to help you, and I, ease back into the week. This article is a fun look into bathroom trends according to Houzz. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find these ideas both inspiring and frustrating (since my bathrooms are not this “decked out”)

Master Bathroom Remodels are Going Hi-Tech

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine

Home owners are increasingly investing to create luxurious, modernized master baths, according to the 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Survey of more than 2,100 home owners who are planning or recently completed a bathroom renovation project.

Of those surveyed, 20 percent say they are updating the toilet; 12 percent are updating a tub; and 9 percent are updating a shower with high-tech features.

High-tech toilet features home owners say they’re incorporating include self-cleaning functions, motion-activated seats, or built-in nightlights. Popular high-tech bathtub features are built-in lighting, heated backrests, and scented mist dispensers. The survey also showed the most popular high-tech shower updates are mood lighting, digital controls, and built-in sound.

Other popular luxury features that home owners say they’re spending on are rainfall showerheads (among 54 percent of those updating showers); bathtubs with room for two (20 percent of those upgrading tubs); adding chandeliers (17 percent of upgraded light fixtures); and bidet-equipped commodes (6percent of upgraded toilets).

19th St
Master Bathroom
2012 New American Home

Home owners surveyed who recently completed a project say they most wish they had installed radiant heating, towel warmers, and super-sized showers during their bathroom renovations.

Of the remodeling home owners surveyed, two in five say they spent between $10,000 to $25,000 on master bathroom renovations. Another one-third surveyed said they spent more than $25,000.
Source: Staged & Sold

Copyright NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Reprinted with permission.

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