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A quick update on my house – the electricians are done installing wiring to our hot tub. Thank you, Chris Boettcher at Primary Electric!

To do next: add five 2×10 joists to re-enforce the deck (to further support the weight, beams secured by concrete will be added at a later date), add water to the tub, run the clean cycle a few times, dump the water and refill it again. THEN, we will be ready to party.

Quick shot of the view:


Gorgeous. As my wife always says, “you can change the house, you can’t change the view.”

Today’s article is a little unique in that it’s a little contrarian. As a real estate agent in the Twin Cities, as you can imagine, I have, you have, we’ve all seen our fair share of really bad vinyl and linoleum.

Yes, there’s some great product selections and some people still feel its an inferior choice. My final opinion on vinyl is similar to how I feel about color, and pizza, it’s all good at the appropriate place and/or time. A home with a pool or property right on the lake – vinyl would be more appropriate than wood in some cases. Then again, tile or even concrete might be a better choice.

What’s your opinion?

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine

Vinyl can get a bad rap. Often it’s confused with linoleum and conjures up memories of outdated, cheap 1980s flooring rolled out in sheets. But lately, vinyl is showing itself as anything but “cheap” looking. It can be laid out in planks, tiles, and sheets and it’s getting some trendy looks.

The vinyl flooring industry is booming as new designs resemble the look of real hardwoods, but without the maintenance. Vinyl is known for being scratch-proof and even waterproof, which is making them especially appealing in the kitchen and bathroom. Plus, vinyl is known for being more pet-friendly and that’s increasingly important nowadays. (Consider, 61 percent of households own a pet or plan to soon, according to an NAR pet study. As such, pet-friendly flooring is proving to be a growing motivator in home remodeling decisions).

Vinyl flooring options are now available in styles that mimic current wood styles, in everything from oak, pine and walnut to even hand-scraped options.

You have several color choices with vinyl too, from gray to espresso and white.

And vinyl isn’t just for resembling the look of hardwoods. You can also get vinyl that resembles tile, marble, and cement too.

The installation of vinyl is also getting more trendy. You can install it in a herringbone pattern on the floor or diagonal. Wide plank vinyl is one of the trendiest and some designers even say it can make your room look larger too.

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