First time Home Buyer’s Seminar

Featuring valuable information about the home buying process.

Have questions about the Twin Cities real estate market? Not sure where to start your home-buying journey? Come to this FREE seminar and learn new tips and strategies for getting the best buy and the best loan. Whether you presently own a home, or this is your first time, you’ll benefit from this free class that is presented in an information-packed, 60-minute format and is NO-OBLIGATION. Come and learn how to save money and time on your home purchase.

Building or buying a home is one of the most important lifestyle and financial decisions most people will make, yet because it’s not a daily decision, many first-time home buyers are in the dark on critical choices that may affect their overall satisfaction. We want home buying to be a positive experience for everyone and we are committed to helping buyers through the process. So, we host a free class to better educate and guide today’s first time new home buyer through the entire process of buying or building a new home.

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