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Photo credit: Tori Toth, Stylish Stagers Inc.

Go-to prop: Large artwork

Stager: Tori Toth, Stylish Stagers Inc., New York City

Why I love it: “A large piece of artwork not only commands attention and directs the eye in a room, but it also sets the tone, personality, and the overall feeling of the space.”


Photo credit: Tori Toth, Stylish Stagers Inc.

Make it work tips:

1. The artwork should compliment the style of the home and who the potential buyer is — however, if there is no particular style or personality that stands out in your neighborhood then stick with abstract pieces, such as flowers and landscapes.

2. For the greatest visual impact repeat the colors already happening in the room in the artwork, even if it’s neutrals or mixed metals you’re pairing the artwork to. Also, ideally, hang the artwork so it’s nearby furniture and then helps move the eye around the room.

3. The size of the pieces depends on the size of the wall or piece of furniture it will be hung above — it needs to be in proportionate to one another. Oversized artwork should be hung on the largest wall that will be most visible when you enter the space. Popular places to hang oversized artwork is over the couch or bed, on the back wall of the dining room, or in a grand entryway to draw the eye upward.


Photo credit: Tori Toth, Stylish Stagers Inc.

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