mn-real-estate-team-movingFor most Minnesotans today, moving is simply an unavoidable part of life. While many people dislike the stress associated with moving and packing, the good news is, there are always professionals they can call for help. No matter what your reason is for moving, or how many items you have there are professional furniture and household removal companies that can assist any person with the removal process.

If it’s your first time of moving to another place or you just don’t want to do it by yourself, hiring a professional removal company is always the smart choice. This means there is no extra stress or work for you, and you can rest easy knowing your valuable items are in the hands of highly trained professionals. There are hundreds of professional movers that will help you to pack, shift, carry and rearrange stuff in your new home. The great thing about these professional companies, is that they offer a variety of services, meaning no matter how much or how little help you may require, there are services available to help meet your needs.

Here are some of the most common removal services offered by companies today:

    1. Packing and wrapping: Professional movers are often able to provide packing and wrapping services for your belongings. They can carefully protect and place your valuables in cartons or blankets, insuring their safety. Most of the time, moving items is very easy and simple but if an object is too heavy to carry, they can also help with disassembling these into small parts for easier removal.
    1. Carrying: Once your items are packed or wrapped, it’s time to transport these items out of the home. Whether you live on ground floor or top of a multi-story building, professional removal companies can carry your items safely out of your home.
    1. Loading on to a moving vehicle: Once packed, professional movers can help load your belongings on a special van that is used only for moving. Professional movers load your items to the van or truck, that is specifically designed for safely transporting heavy items. The loading depends if you are moving to the same city or to another state as with long distance moving. In these situations, the movers will be able to make sure your items are ready for long-distance transport.
    1. Unloading items from the cargo: Once the moving trucks arrive at their destination, the furniture removal company will then unload it from the van and move it inside the house or to the apartment.
  1. Unpacking: If you don’t want to unpack or unwrap your items yourself, most companies will do it for you. While this will likely be an extra fee, it is a service that can save people a great deal of time and money.


Professional removal companies also offer the service of arranging your items in your new house or apartment. You just need to provide them information about what needs to go in each room and how you want your belongings to be arranged.

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