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lakeville real estate james dean steven diadooRebel Without a Cause star, James Dean, passed away this day in 1955.

We also have the 113th U.S. Congress  facing Government Shutdown as U.S. stocks fall in response.

Any words of wisdom from James Dean on this?

“Dream like you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

Nice. I think we are Jimmy Dean. I think we are.

In response, Wall Street leaders are revving up their Mercedes to meet with Obama as the crisis looms.

What will this mean for us James?

“Hey, they forgot to wind the sundial… but, besides that, here’s a few things to consider on how this will effect you folks…

  • National Parks and Zoos – closed
  • Cops – still on duty
  • Taxes – still owed
  • U.S. bonds – still being issued
  • Mail Persons – still delivering bills and junk mail
  • Obamacarea and the Health Care Act – ironically, continues
  • Permits – might not get your gun license processed for a while
  • Gov. Loans – if you were planning to buy a house and needed a federal loan, you’d have to wait…

Here’s what Charles Dailey at iLoan Home Mortgage had to say to his staff about loans:

It’s possible that there will be a government shutdown due to senate related procedural delays on timed votes.  It seems really silly since you’d think that they could temporarily amend senate rules to get around these delays. Since everyone’s ready to vote…

…but that isn’t happening.

It’s likely that it would be very short; maybe a matter of days.  Nonetheless, sometimes an on-time closing is measured in having or losing a matter of hours so let’s be as proactive as we can be.

Here is a list of things that we should try to do to prevent disruption to our pipeline:

•             Close as many loans as possible prior to October 1, including but not limited to wiring of funds

•             Run CAIVRs

•             Order VA and FHA Case Numbers

•             Order / Execute 4506T (for IRS transcripts)

•             Order any pending W2 searches

•             Complete SSI Validations and LDP/GSA searches

•             Remit any upfront MIP payments or VA Funding Fees

•             VA NOV’s (appraisals)

The Federal Reserve has separate funding so wires and disbursements for closings should be unaffected.

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