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We keep you up to date with reporting and analyis so you can 

confirm pricing stategy and how to proceed with offers.

Four reasons to work with us when Your Listing is Active



Do you, as a homeowner, really want to hear what a perfect stranger thinks of your home? Well, probably not. Do you want to sell your home? If you’re listing it, then, the answer is most definately – yes! Buyer feedback is essential in knowing what Buyers and Agents are thinking. Our feedback request is a custom questionnaire sent daily until feedback is received.

       Market Updates

We send updated data of what’s happening in the market place, to help make sellilng decisions, on a weekly basis. If a complete market analysis is the cornerstone of a successful pricing strategy, weekly data points are the validation of the overall pricing position.

Comparable Updates

Sellers receive an updated list of comparable Active, Pending, Sold, Expired, Cancelled, listings to keep up with the specifics of competitive listings.


We help sellers avoid unnecessary loss in equity with data points that include listing days on market, number of showings, supply and demand analysis, Buyer and Agent feedback, Seller motivation and timing.


An analysis of comparable listings and assessment of your property’s function, flow, finishes and most inspiring core value.


A step-by-step walkthrough and punch list of how to prepare your listing to inspire buyers to book showings.


Your listing presented with the best creative to connect directly to your property’s ideal buyer to inspire action.


More than a listing agent, we are marketing team. We proactively advertise your property to buyers and their agents.


We keep you up to date with reporting and analysis so you can confirm pricing strategy and how to proceed with offers.


We help you get the most equity while getting to the closing table as smoothly as possible.