I really appreciate you stopping by to consider hiring me as your Realtor®. Here’s my thank you gift:

Complimentary Package Includes:

  • My listing calendar: everything you need know about getting your house listed and sold.
  • My buyer’s representation brochure: a little “bla bla bla” and some info. on how I rep buyers to keep them from making costly mistakes and make a great deal.
  • An in-depth report on the value of your home: you will know more than agents showing your property.
  • My NORTH Real Estate magazine: learn a little about my fam (how much my wife loves wine), my friends, and myself.
  • A copy of The Road to Success, authored by Steven Diadoo (Me) with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul guy): a book filled with health, wealth and success stories from around the world.
  • NO strings: I pay an arm and a leg for this stuff and Bob, the Mailman, delivers it to you. No pressure. No obligation. No B.S.

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