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We help you negotiate the most equity and get to the closing table as smoothly as possible. 

Four reasons to work with us when Negotiating Your Offer

Offer Analysis

Our home selling process leading up to an offer already places sellers in a good position to start evaluating an offer. Upon receiving offers, we fully analyze offers and check for pre-approval or proof of funds, the larger details of the offer (earnest money, price, closing date, seller paid contributions) and all smaller details effecting the total quantifiable and non-quantifiable net.

      Neautrality & Balance

We consider recommendations to Accept, Counter, or Reject an offer one of the most critical aspects of hiring a Realtor but the final say, ultimately, is with the Sellers. This can be a very emotional time for all parties. That’s why our recommendation process is based on history, market data, comps, timing, Buyer perception, Seller motivation and a non-biased, neautral approach.

Contingency Management

We have checklists, alerts, reminders, checklists for our checklists, due dates, email notifications, and office notifications with reminders to ensure we stay on top of important aspects of your transaction. Helping increase the probability of a smooth closing.

      Pending to Close

Our checklists, calendars and address book of seasoned Title Attorneys, Closers, Examiners and Abstracters turn the complex real estate transaction into an easy and smooth closing experience.


An analysis of comparable listings and assessment of your property’s function, flow, finishes and most inspiring core value.


A step-by-step walkthrough and punch list of how to prepare your listing to inspire buyers to book showings.


Your listing presented with the best creative to connect directly to your property’s ideal buyer to inspire action.


More than a listing agent, we are marketing team. We proactively advertise your property to buyers and their agents.


We keep you up to date with reporting and analysis so you can confirm pricing strategy and how to proceed with offers.


We help you get the most equity while getting to the closing table as smoothly as possible.