D: disseminate

to spread or disperse (something, especially information) widely 
We don’t just sit on our butts and wait for your listing to sell.


Eight Reasons to work with us when Marketing Your Property


Ad Creative

Our approach to advertising your listing mimics that of an ad agency with a creative team made up of several key members: Creative Director, Copywriter, Editor, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Photographer. Our team of talent helps make unique connections with potential Buyers.

      Single Property Website

Our unbranded single property websites point Agents and Buyers directly to your listing by giving them the unique property domain online. These pages allow Agents to send more information on a listing to their Buyers without the hesitation a brokerage-specific branded page may induce.

Reverse Prospecting

We proactively market your home to Agents who’s clients’ search criteria in the MLS matches the criteria of your listing. These Agents are contacted and reminded, with their client reference number included, on a weekly basis until your property has a fully executed offer.

   Print & Technology

Our office works closely with Loeffler Companies, Inc. Copiers and Supplies to service our in-house, commercial-grade printers and folding machine. Listings are presented with the highest quality print marketing collatoral.

Open Houses

Buyers interested in purchasing a home attend open houses which can result in a reduction of listing’s time on market. We schedule open houses at the best time of the day and at the best time in the listing’s timeline to help excite an offer. Our open house includes, beverages, candy, snacks, brochures, music, advertising, ice cream, several signs placed at high-traffic intersections.


Every house has features that make it unique and every house has a combination of features that make it most desirable to the right buyer. We thoroughly detail listings for the MLS and for all marketing collatoral (12-page brochures, property pages) to connect with Buyer desires.


As the largest independently owned brokerage in Minnesota, Bridge Realty is the largest networked office in the State. By networking with other Agents, listngs have an automatic pool of 600 Agents to market their listing. Along with networking with Bridge Agents, your listing is also marketed to the thousands of Agents we network with online and through the Minnesota Area Assocation of Realtors.


We amplify the marketing of listings with paid advertising that targets the listing’s ideal buyers. We excel in our ability to identify and reach the exact audience for your listing, with effective ad creative, by audience age, interests, behavior and location.


Breakdown of market comparables, how we want them to inspire buyers and pinpoints the  property’s value we want to unlock.


A step-by-step punch list of how to prepare your home for the market.


Your listing presented with the best creative to inspire buyers to book showings.


More than a listing agent, we are marketing team. We proactively advertise your property to buyers and their agents.


Reporting and analysis to confirm pricing strategy and how to proceed with offers.


Getting to the closing table as smoothly as possible.