Maximize Net Equity

Steven Diadoo is a Licensed Realtor & Best Selling Author in Minnesota. His creative team helps real estate buyers and sellers maximize equity. Art of Real Estate isn’t about decorating and design, it’s about creative thinking and solutions for increasing equity. Better analysis and deeper insights reveal opportunities. Then, creative turns insights into effective design, communications, leverage, and logical next steps.


BRIDGE is Steve’s unique process for developing successful, creative-driven Buyer & Seller solutions for real estate clients. The process is divided into six phases to facilitate direction and discovery, identification of opportunities and generation of ideas, engagement and strategy development and implementation, to bridge buyers to seller’s listings.


Breakdown: An analysis of comparable listings and assessment of your property’s function, flow, finishes and most inspiring core value.


Ready: A step-by-step walkthrough and punch list of how to prepare your listing to inspire buyers to book showings.


Inspire: Your listing presented with the best creative to connect directly to your property’s ideal buyer to inspire action.


Disseminate: More than a listing agent, we are marketing team. We proactively advertise your property to buyers and their agents.


Gauge: We keep you up to date with reporting and analysis so you can confirm pricing strategy and how to proceed with offers.


Execute: We help you get the most equity while getting to the closing table as smoothly as possible.