Steve Diadoo – reporting live from Albino Squirrel Pond, Lakeville, MN

“The Art of Real Estate – Experience the creative difference“, that’s my tagline and I think it’s pretty clever – and my wife, Jenn, loves it so it must be pretty good. I came up with it after taking some time to think about the answer to the question: what do I do that is special, unique and/or different from other people? In direct marketing, it’s called the USP (unique selling proposition). In terms of your businesses’s service it’s the thing that sets you apart and makes you unique. It helps answers the question: why would someone choose me over my competition? While it isn’t the most important reason, the most important being trust and likeability, it does help to answer the question: how can I truly, uniquely, better serve people?

Here is one way I do it – offering clients a magical evening where they don’t have to lift a finger. I cook for them, I choose the menu, the wine, the music, design brochures, photography, and tent cards – the full line of creative talent at work. Clients are invited to come, sit, relax, and enjoy a five course sampling of wine and pairings sure to delight the fussiest of palates .

Hey, there! I’m looking for referrals and I was told “you need to ask people for referrals”  SO, with that in mind… please let friends know, if they need help buying and selling a property, to contact me by phone at 952-270-6141 or email steve(at) I’ll give them a good deal. 🙂

Five Highly-Rated Wines Sampled

Served in order of lightest to darkest.

#1: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) – Total Wine Price: $10.97


On the nose, a bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits backed by characteristic herbaceous notes. An exhuberant wine brimming with flavors of pineapple and stone fruit with a hint of herbaceoussness on the palate. The finish is fresh and zesty.

Sauvignon Blanc is considered a dry white that pairs well with salads, sautéed vegetables, roasted vegetables, flaky fish and chicken.

Pairing: Cilantro Lime Shrimp (freshly made at Costco near fresh meats) – this was excellent! Very zesty and bursting with flavor.

Personal note: I’m not a huge fan of lighter whites but this pairing was truly sensational. It made me a believer in the power of proper pairing with wine. While I may not reach for a Savignon Blanc by itself, I will definitely consider it when ordering an appetizer or enjoying an hors d’oeuvres.

Second Pairing: Roasted Garlic Chicken Tortellini (made from frozen). Not amazing, but good and quick – just boil out of the bag.

#2: La Crema Chardonnay (Sonoma, CA – not to be confused with the Monterrey) – Total Wine Price: $12.97



Bursts with enticing aromas of citrus, floral notes, butterscotch, lemon peel and slight spicy quality. In the mouth, flavors of citrus, pear and honeysuckle combine with subtle toast and caramel.

Chardonnay is a rich white wine that pairs well with creamy dishes – cream soups, cream-based pasts, quiche, lasagna, French cuisine and rich shellfish, chicken and other poultry.

Pairing: Sweet Pear and Cheese Crostini – this was the favorite appetizer at this wine tasting, and other events. This recipe should be kept if you like being praised by guests.

Hey, me again! I forgot to mention above, I usually offer to help pay for inspections, but on a listing I ALWAYS pay for the photography, staging, marketing, ads, brochures… just so you know – I take really good care of my clients.

#3: Renieri Invetro (Red Blend) (Toscana, Italy) – Total Wine Price: $13.99



Made of 50% Sangiovese (san-joe-vay-say), 25% Cabernet Savignon and 25% Merlot, this open with delicate black-skinned fruit and tilled earth aromas. The straghtforward palate delivers ripe black pum and exotic spice flavors, smoothed out by ripe tannins.

We got this one a little wrong, we should have served this one as #4 and placed the Zinfandel here. The feedback was that the Renieri Invetro (Red Blend) had a deeper, stronger flavor than the Zin. We knew these two wines would be competing for flavor so we served the same double-flavored flat bread with each.

A medium red wine pairs well with Italian cuisine, pizza, roasted vegetables, pork, duck, lamb, cured meats and sausages.

Pairing: Barbeque Chicken & Meatball Flat Breads (freshly made at Costco near meat aisle)

Second Pairing: Meatball Flatbread (Costco)

4th: Opolo Zinfandel Summit Creek (Sonoma Coast, CA) – Total Wine Price: $14.99



The 2015 Summit Zinfandel opens with intense aromas of blueberry and cranberry that are beautifully framed with hints of dark chocolate and caramel. Aged exclusively on French Oak it is lively yet rounded with a delightfully long finish. Wonderfully balanced and drinkable now, this wine will continue to improve with age.

A medium red wine pairs well with Italian cuisine, pizza, roasted vegetables, pork, duck, lamb, cured meats and sausages.

Pairing: Barbeque Chicken Flat Bread (see photos above).

#5: Oak Ridge Cabernet Lodi (Lodi, CA) – Total Wine Price: $14.49



Dense fruit – such as blackberry and cherry-accentuated by classic spice notes, in this case black pepper, cedar, and oregano. The oak shows through in a way that is appropriate for the varietal with pleasant chocolate tones while the palate has a bold grip complemented by a nice richness in the mid-palate that brings balance to the wine.

Bold Reds pair well with smoked and barbequed meats such as beef, lamb, pork, sausages and cured meats.

Pairing: Grilled Ribeye Steak

Steak Grilling Tips

  1. Complete coverage of steak with coarse salt and herbs/spices (salt should be visible)
  2. Let steak sit out of fridge (after salting) for at least 60 minutes prior to grilling
  3. Pre-heat grille (I like mine to be around 200 degrees)
  4. Wash salt and spices off steak (if you wish to leave salt, be prepared for saltiness)
  5. Dab steak dry with paper towel before grilling
  6. Look for a beautiful copper/bronze metallic sheen on parts of the steak during/after grilling

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