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Figuring out how to price your home and present it to the market is a bit of science and art. 

Seven reasons to work with us when Pricing Your Home



Our Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) is a process used to evaluate the value of a home using the metrics of other homes of similar size/style in the same area. Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) operates under the assumption that similar homes will have similar valuation multiples, such as $/sqft. Our Analysis compiles a list of Active, Sold, Pending, Expired listings from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and calculate the valuation in order to compare them.

        Comparable Data Analysis

We offer comparable listings data analysis and differ slightly as we also focus on specific and important data points of the comparables. These data points help in determing trending to more accurately predict short-term future sale price and listing strategy.

Market Timing

We’ve noticed certain times of year are better times to list a home than other times of the year. Meaning, the pool of buyers will be larger or smaller. We keep a finger on the pulse of seasonal market trends. What does the Super Bowl have to do with market timing? Which day of the week is the best day to list your home? Little secrets we share with clients.

      Locational Analysis

There’s a mixture of price, location and condition that make up the three components of selling a house. Proximity to parks, schools, railroad tracks, cemetaries, high-traffic roads, can all have an effect on a listing’s price. Location is not easily changed,  our listing strategies place emphasis on the positive aspects of core property value while reassuring buyers.

The F’d Factor

Function, Flow and Finishes. Some spaces are easier to use than others. Some floor plans are more desireable than others. Some finishes are more upgraded than others. We help clients estimate the value and desireability of the aesthetics of their property and/or make recommendations of high Return On Investment (ROI) ideas, while keeping the function and flow in mind for greatest impact on showing requests and net equity.

       Buyer Profiling

Our Marketing background is apparent when we talk about buyer profiles. They help sellers understand who they are targeting to secure as a buyer of their property. Our understanding of buying behavior helps to remove the guessing game. We help answer the question: Who is most likely to buy your home? [Note: We believe in Equal Housing Opportunity and do not discrimate against any protected, nor any non-protected, classes.]

Custom Marketing Plan

Our success in selling homes follows a formula and system and, just as importantly, we also follow the belief in being open to change. Change in the market place, technology, client(s) needs and specific listing challenges. Each listing is treated with a consultative and creative approach while following the framework of historical successful home selling.


An analysis of comparable listings and assessment of your property’s function, flow, finishes and most inspiring core value.


A step-by-step walkthrough and punch list of how to prepare your listing to inspire buyers to book showings.


Your listing presented with the best creative to connect directly to your property’s ideal buyer to inspire action.


More than a listing agent, we are marketing team. We proactively advertise your property to buyers and their agents.


We keep you up to date with reporting and analysis so you can confirm pricing strategy and how to proceed with offers.


We help you get the most equity while getting to the closing table as smoothly as possible.