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By Stacy Zwerdling

On Tuesday, April 29, 2008, with a 10 month old son, I received news that has changed my life forever. I was told that I had a massive brain tumor. The tumor was diagnosed as extremely rare, and extremely large. So rare was my tumor that the first neurologist I saw could not identify its type. Fortunately, the Mayo Clinic was able to identify the tumor, and provide a diagnosis and prognosis. Unfortunately, the diagnosis required immediate surgery and the prognosis for life after surgery was severe and permanent disabilities. I was told bluntly that even with a successful surgery, the life I knew and enjoyed would be gone.

I was one of the lucky ones, I survived the surgery and within hours of being returned to my room, I was amazing my neurosurgical team with motor skill capabilities that should have been literally impossible given the amount of brain tissue that had been removed. After extensive physical therapy and support during the early months of recovery, I am now well functioning and lead an active life. My Mayo Clinic neurologist and neurosurgeon still tell me that there is no medical explanation for how I function at my current level given the significant amount of brain tissue that was removed during my surgery.

Today, I live knowing the horror of being diagnosed with a brain tumor. I know that I am blessed, and that many others do not find the same successful results from their brain tumor treatments. I want to use my good fortune to help support the efforts of the ABTA as they work to help brain tumor patients and fight this terrible condition.

Please join me in my fight to help STRIKE out Brain Tumors.

One more lane for sale for bowling ($187). The lane…

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