meDear Reader,

Hi, Steve Diadoo here.

I’m writing today from my kitchen counter to prepare you on how to avoid some common pitfalls and nightmares of real estate.

Buying a house can feel like a scary transaction. One that can make you feel unprapared.

After all, the market is constantly changing since the big burst. For example, in the Twin Cities Metro we are seeing:

  • -7.6% change in closed sales year to date
  • 5.9% increase in homes available
  • 7.0% increase in sales price
  • Worries about the end of quantitative easing and warnings of rising interest rates
  • 25-50% incorrect data from Trulia and Zillow
  • Tougher appraisal and inspection standards
  • Tighter qualification standards to get a mortgage

This can all be very overwhelming to think about. After all, how many houses does the average person buy in one lifetime? You may even feel like you can’t make sense of it all.

Not anymore.

In less than five minutes from now, you can “open the door” on how to get nearly all the real estate information you want and need and how to understand it, for FREE.

For example, you’ll see how to…

  • Quickly determine if a home’s listing price is a good value or set too high
  • Find homes without ever searching for them
  • Reduce your liability in a real estate transaction
  • Pin-point which homes are actually for sale and which are not
  • Get the scoop on neighborhoods you are interested in purchasing
  • Save up to 90% in the time it takes to find the perfect home
  • Avoid major surprises at the closing table
  • Streamline the process between accepted offer and the closing table
  • Estimate ALL closing costs

That brings me to what I’d like to invite you to join me in today…

Maybe you’ve felt that the usual sources of information, real estate websites, real estate agents, brokers–were not focused on solving your particular problems, lacked the specific knowledge you require, didn’t understand what you were looking for, and that’s where I come in.

My team and I offer you a combination of 3 decades of experience in real-estate-sales/home-design-services, deep understanding of how to analyze properties, plus a proven track record in buying and selling homes unduplicated in the industry.

Not only can I demystify the buying and selling process and possibly help you monetize your efforts. But I can also hand-craft many of the elements you need – just listed alerts, saved searches, market analysis, price averages, community reports – that make your real estate buying and selling experience easy and headache-free.

Whether you’re a newbie just looking for some guidance or an experienced homeowner looking to move up to a larger home or estate, my team and I are able to help.

There’s absolutely no pressure or obligation in any way.

PLUS, if you choose to meet at a coffee shop – get a free coffee from your favorite local Starbucks or Caribou Coffee, on me.

You can call me at 952-270-6141 or click here now. The conversation is free. And there’s no obligation.