Steve Diadoo Reporting from Lakeville, MN – Summit Series Homes, LLC. will be breaking ground on two other properties being listed by, well, me – Steven Diadoo of RE/MAX Advantage Plus.

Summit Series has a knack for building homes with fine finishes and upgrades but for a price well below it’s competitors’. Some of the upgrades I enjoy talking about  include: granite countertops, stone fireplaces and pillars, tray vault ceilings with knock-down, solid-core interior doors, sheetrock glued to studs (reduces nail pops) and 16″ floor truss spacing (well above code requirements).

The two properties soon to hit the market are located in the South Metro in Jordan and the other in Farmington.

“We will build anywhere,” explained Ben Shaefer, Owner and Project Manager.

“There are still some details I need to iron-out on the Farmington build, but we should have that done by next week,” said a representative of Summit who noted that the properties are “to be built.”

While still not official, rumors have it that the Jordan home will have a finished basement and cost LESS than the previous build at 818 Old Bridge Way (Listed for $340,000) by listing at $325,000 ($15,000 savings).

If you or someone you know are looking to buy or build, please feel free to contact me for further information and to schedule an appointment with Summit.

Further details to come soon.

This Article Appears Courtesy of Steven Diadoo

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